Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Hands, Big Cards

Here is my honest and openhearted confession- I don't so much like to play games with the kids. It is kind of like playing a game against yourself. When playing card games I am quickly annoyed by constantly having to re-adjust the cards for the kids. One thing I do enjoy doing with the kids is craft projects. Crafty solution- Card holder!!!!

Grab your Sculpey clay and get rolling. My daughter did the rolling. We rolled logs to 5 in. (but any size will do). The diameter is about a 1/4in., but I think I would make them thicker next time round.

With the basic log made now comes the creative part, embellish to your hearts content.

Next, using a playing card (or a knife) make slashes every half inch or so. Just make sure not to go to deep. It helped to use a card to know how if the cut was deep enough to hold the card up and not to deep to cause a break in the log.

Now for the waiting part- cook according to clay directions.

This was a fun quick project and something my family will get a lot of use out of.