Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remington, sleepy town is awakin'!

I live in Fauquier County, Virginia, which prides itself in being an agriculturaly friendly county. One side of the county is horse country and the other side, where I live, reminds me of Indiana, where I was born. All this fresh "dairy air" feeds a hidden desire I have inside of me to farm. Since I am not really skilled nor do I have the time to farm my family has decided to try and support our farming neighbors.

This has started me on a search to find local places to buy food that are convenient for us. This is where Remington comes in. Remington is a small; old town that has seen new life in recent years. A store opened a few years back that has brought some nice change and needed shopping to this once sleepy town.

The Farmer's Wife
If you are ever in the area stop by, it's just such a pleasant place to shop. My husband loves to shop there and makes a comment about it every time we get in the car with our bag of groceries. If you can please a husband on a shopping trip you have stumbled on something worth while! The Farmer's Wife has a lovely bakery, deli, and dairy section. They are now carrying meats from local farms, and they carry local produce. They have just about everything you need to stock your pantry, and a good amount of organic items. The main reason we continue to go back is the milk! Milk sold in glass bottles - there is nothing better! If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area please take a moment and go to Trickling Springs Creamery's website and see if they have local delivery locations near you. You will not be disappointed! I would love for those of you that have bought milk or other products from Trickling Springs Creamery or if you have visited The Farmer's Wife in Remington to please leave a message and share your experiences.

Recently Remington has started to renovate some of the old buildings on main street. It is really looking nice downtown. I am thrilled that they are showcasing the beautiful architectural features of these old buildings.

Let me add one more plug for this little town. Stop by Groves Hardware. They have everything, and they know what they are talking about. Unlike the "helpful and friendly" folk at Home Depot and Lowes.

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Dawn said...

You have just made my day!!! Thanks for posting your nice comments about our shoppe! The Farmer's Wife has introduced me to many, many wonderful people like you and it is because you support us that we are able to celebrate our 4th year anniversary next month. Look for our coupons to celebrate that milestone in the "Discovery Publication" next month.
Blessings! Dawn Stoltzfus/Owner