Friday, October 31, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Fridays are unofficially called "goof off in school day". I have not shared this name with the kids. Our work load is a little less than the rest of the week, so this frees me up to “kick it up a notch.” While we start every school day with memory work, on Fridays I try to do a memory game of some sort. Last Friday we played memory hopscotch.

This idea came to me via H.O.T.T. Tips newsletter from Amy Pak. Amy puts out an amazing newsletter! She gives great ideas for history unit studies and other teaching tips - she puts a lot of time into these newsletters. They have been a tremendous help!

My kids are a bit young to play hopscotch “professionally.” So the rules were adjusted and the game was quite informal. Questions are asked and the one that knows the answer gets to toss the bean bag and hop along! It is nice to have a little change of pace for me and the kids. Yet, please, don’t tell them they are learning!!!

P.S. I looked up Hopscotch on wikipedia. It was kind of fun to learn some of the origins of the game. You might enjoy a little trivia reading.


Jennifer said...

That sounds like a good idea! We have a quiz box full of memory work and questions about what we have learned. Hopscotch would be a great way to make it more fun. Thanks for the suggestion!


Dacia's School said...

I love your blog!! It is great.