Saturday, November 1, 2008

"T" Time

Friday was brought to us by the letter "T"! To celebrate the new letter of the week (because every letter should have some celebration!) my daughter hosted a "T" ParTy! This project was perfect for my fairy tale minded daughter!! We sat down the day before and made a check list of all she wanted to have for her parTy. She set to work making a invitation that was to be emailed to Grandma. Grandma gladly accepted and so Friday morning was a buzz of parTy preparation. This was a very low key affair but high priority in her eyes. "T"s were cut for the table and place settings. All of our play dishes were Tastefully arranged. She felt that we needed to pile every dish up as high as we could. "This is to remind us of the Tower of Babel," she said. The Tower of Babel is our Bible topic of the week. Very fitting for our week of "T"s! (You could say that I planned it that way, but I wouldn't;) Our menu for the affair was Tuna salad on biscuits, Chocolate Chip Tookies and of course Tea.

"Terrific....", "Tantalizing...." , "Triumphant.....", "Tasty..." these are just a few of the reviews that were given of the event.


Gretchen said...

"T" Time ParTy was Tasty. The Table was Teeming with "T's" and Tastefully set with Towers of dishes. The Total effect was Terrific. I have never Tasted such Tender Tuna sandwiches and the Tookies were Tantalizing to the Tongue. Two Thumbs up for "T"Aby.

gingerbread stars said...

Thank you for telling me the "T" party was good. I am glad you had fun. Love "T"Aby

cici said...

What a fun blog... Love all the cookies and great photos:D