Thursday, November 6, 2008

God made dirt, dirt don't hurt!

Got dirt? No? Go get your daily serving of the letter "D"! Just make make it chocolate flavored with a little Oreo mixed in! You won't be disappointed. And don't forget the gummy worms! This is a good dessert to eat while reading "How to Eat Fried Worms."


Dacia's School said...

We did this it was cool. Yes homeschoolopoly has the basic sameness only with homeschool type things my kids think it is a blast.

munieca said...

you win the giveaway on our blog!! congrats!!
please, email us to ship your prize!
have a nice sunday!!

gingerbread stars said...

I can't believe I WON!!! I never win anything! I will be living on cloud nine for quite some weeks with this!!!
Go over to to check out this beautiful blog and see what I won!