Friday, November 14, 2008

How To: Making a Scarf into a Hat

My grand knitting adventure has come to an end. I set out to finish a knitted project and I did it. Though my grand plan was to knit a scarf, along the way my scarf started talking to me, and it said "I want to be done!" Now just so you don't think I'm a little messed up in the head, the fact of the matter is I was getting tired of knitting the scarf and getting short on yarn. I decided to dream up an end to this madness. Something that wouldn't involve me pulling all my stitches out. My scarf plan has now turned into a "How To: Finish a scarf before it's done." Follow me on this crazy journey....

The scarf pattern I started with is the Meandering Rib Scarf. It was knitted with chunky yarn and size 10 1/2 needles which is different from the pattern. But since this is a fly by the seat of your pants type of "How To" it doesn't matter what patten you use or what needles you choose. Be crazy and spontaneous, it might just work even better than you think (that is what happened here).
My finished scarf (knitted scrap) was 11"W x 20"L. Along with this you will need scrap yarn and a crochet hook.

Fold rectangle in half, with right sides together and pin up each side.

With crochet hook, start at open edge and single crochet up one edge.

Then, match crocheted seam with pinned seam and execute a squash fold (think origami.) After squash fold, seams will be running along the center front and center back.

Turn over and insert hook into top edge and make a single crochet that pulls the top two stitches from both seams together. Now continue single crochet down other edge. Weave in loose yarn.
Turn right side out and roll up bottom edge.

Add your own crazy additions!
Alternative ideas: Add loop and button for a neck warmer. Fold rectangle in half and seam sides, add handle and you have a bag. With folded rectangle seam one edge and you have a fun elf hat! Share anymore ideas you might have- what can be done with a knitted rectangle? Thinking... thinking....

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the katie joella lawson...i think said...

ah marg you are a delight. i'm sure you could come up with something like that present i got. that hat is pretty friggin sweet. i had been meaning to tell you that you have sweet knitting skills. i knitted a scarf once. it was too short so i never wore it. ahaha. those kids are so cute. i will eat them. :D