Monday, November 17, 2008

Mending Day

Today was mending day. I am trying to keep my mending basket empty but with two young kids (what is it with boys and blown out knees!) this seems to be hard. I like sewing- not so much mending. I am finding that having a mending buddy seems to make an unpleasant task a little more enjoyable. My daughter volunteered for the job. Seeing me have soooo much fun mending one day, she decided to get in on some sewing action (or “knitting” action as she likes to call it). I set her up with a small heart shaped piece of plastic canvas, a little scrap yarn and a blunt needle. Her heart is stored in my sewing box, so every time I sit down to mend, out comes the heart. It has been nice to have someone to sew with, even when I am being asked a thousand questions and I have to rethread the needle a gazillion times. Today I mended a wounded doggy and she worked on her heart. Afterwards she wanted to help take a picture of our work for the blog- so enjoy a picture of our handiwork taken by my daughter.

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Rebecca said...

Aby can sew better than I can at age 5 ... that's pretty sad.