Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks to the Indians

It was a perfect Indian summer this past weekend. Nana and Papa came up to visit and the house was full of activity. When they come it seems to get all of our creative juices flowing. There is always a long planning session of all the cool things we could build or do if we had a month to be together. Then reality sets in, they are only going to be here for the weekend so we need to just hit the highlights of the plan and hope for more visits.
The “summer” days seemed to last forever this weekend. This was a nice change from the usually gone in a flash weekday I am so used too. Every one found some creative outlet and it kept us busy all day, Saturday.
Papa and the kids enjoyed the back yard. Papa was mowing (he is a good Papa to travel all this way to mow our lawn) and the kids played “Lord of the Rings” and other such made up on the spot games. Then Papa enticed the kids into helping rake leaves (did I mention what a great Papa he is?!). The thought of a towering pile of leaves is powerful enough to get a kid to drop what he is doing and rake.
Nana and Josh sat on the porch and painted. Our plan for the weekend had been to paint the porch but with the arrival of the Grands it changed to painting fish instead! I am no painter so I joined in the conversation on the porch and worked at my scarf.

Weekends that seem to last forever are sometimes too quickly forgotten. I think this is why I was reluctant to write this post too quickly, trying desperately to slow the progression of this week.

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